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You work for Entrepreneurs Ink, a company that provides advice and information to would-be entrepreneurs about potentially lucrative business fields. You will be assigned to a team that will complete and investigative report on a "hot" field that your client base wants to learn about or "hot" business that your client wants to grow.

Entrepreneurs Ink client base breakdown:

35% - College students and recent college graduates (Even split male/female)
24% - Home-based business women (Ages 25-45)
20% - Financial investors (Individual and corporate)
16% - Inventors - technology and manufacturing fields - ages 15 to 65 (85% male)
15% - Service providers - all fields (Sole providers & partnerships)

Your team will produce a factual, informative report that includes:

  • Introduction and overview
  • Background information
  • Analysis of successful enterprises
  • Audience appeal for business
  • Competition
  • Trends
  • Conclusion and recommendation

This written packet will be made available to interested clients. Your team will also make a presentation of your findings to EI's senior vice presidents.



Team One - Sports Complex

  • Kathryn Giorano
  • Daniel Smith
  • Dominique Mercer
  • Tim Connolly

Team Two - Restaurant Industry

  • Jessica Coonan
  • Alexander Giller
  • Neil Berzins
  • Savanna Ellis
  • Jess Kirkby

Team Three - Foreign Cuisine Restaurant

  • Rafael Cabral
  • Kevin Wells
  • Christina McCarron
  • Kristina Martin


Team One - Sustainable Building

  • Christopher Chaves
  • Marissa Gambale
  • Phumana Phim
  • Nelson Santos DaGarca

Team Two- Coffee Shop

  • Melissa Garabedian
  • Amanda Northrop
  • Eric Lunt
  • Christopher Lawrence

Team Three- Safety in Performance Vehicles

  • Katherine Noll
  • Eric Hebert
  • Kaitlyn Swarts
  • Ricardo Vega


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