Industry Research

Looking for information for an industry profile? The library has several resources that can answer many questions:

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  1. Start with First Research covering 900 industries with info on product overview, competitive landscape, sales & marketing, finance & regulation, human resources, industry outlook,leading industry indicators & drivers, issues & challenges, trends & opportunities plus executive insights & call prep questions.
    that your product or service may be a subset of a larger category:  bottled water is a subset of non-alcoholic beverages or beverage manufacturing and the broader food and beverages category.
  2. Next search Business Source Premier (BSP) first limiting to Publication Type: Industry Profile. When results appear you may need to use the left column to limit to Geography: United States, or other area.  MarketLine/Datamonitor reports in BSP include charts and tables with top companies, industry forces, market segments and distribution, NAICS & SIC codes and more. Once you know the top companies, click Company Profiles at the top for MarketLine/Datamonitor reports on companies including milestones.
    For a broader search, return to Advanced Search but do not limit to Industry Profile and find trade journal articles and other sources. However, you may want to narrow your search by adding terms, for example:
    bottled water and technology
    bottle water and market?
  3. Business Insights: Essentials – need a bit of history?  Search Business Insights for industry profiles and brief histories from the Encyclopedia of American Industries, …Emerging Industries and …Global Industries.  You’ll also find market share reports, industry articles and company chronologies.
  4. Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage Industry Surveys cover broad industries such as Food & Beverages with information on key aspects on analyzing the industry.  Very helpful is a list of key trade journals and associations at the end of the report.  Check these references on the web or using our Journal Finder to find full text and search.
  5. Euromonitor Passport GMID provides market research and buyer behavior reports and statistics for consumer products worldwide with profiles of key players.
  6. Mergent Online – need more information on an emerging industry? Research key players in the industry?  Mergent provides brief histories of publicly-held companies with quick links to SEC filings including the key 10-K report.  The annual 10-K should provide a description of the products and services with an often brief paragraph on distribution channels, competition, regulation and litigation. Equity reports may also have some analysis.
  7. Government information using NAICS (the new SIC) – The North American Industrial Classification System is the new SIC used to organize and report statistical data gathered by the US Census.  Search or browse to find the code and description for your industry.  Once you have your 4 to 8 digit code, you can find industry snapshots and drill down for more detailed data.

Need more help?  Not finding what you need? You’ll find more resources in our Industry Analysis guide.  Or contact or consult with a librarian at McQuade.

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