Future Forecasts

Cover image: The signal and the noiseWhat does the future hold? January is a time when many try to predict what will come in the year ahead.  Nate Silver says in his book The Signal and the Noise : Why so many predictions fail– but some don’t, that it is important to watch the right numbers. Silver was the only poll watcher to correctly predict the election outcome.

Below are forecasts and trends from a variety of sources.  Do you agree with them? Check them out for ideas for short and long term career, business and research opportunities.

logo for the World Future SocietyWorld Future Society, publisher of The Futurist, has its Outlook 2013 (The Futurist, Nov./Dec. 2012 via EBSCOhost) for business, technology. energy and habitat. Even more daring are it’s 20 forecasts for 2013-2015 from the dire (#1 The dust bowls of the twenty-first century will dwarf those seen in the twentieth) to the inspiring (#13 The future is full of bicycles.), plus tips on how to spot tomorrow’s trends today.

Passport GMID logo from EuromonitorEuromonitor’s Passport GMID publishes reports on “…Consumers in 2020: A Look into the Future” for each country. Connect to Passport and browse Countries & Consumers > Consumer Trends and Lifestyles > Analysis Finder > Consumers in 2020 and select your geography.  They also publish forecasts and trends by industry and location.

First Research logoFirst Research industry reports include a forecast for every US industry from manufacturing to wholesale, retail and services.

Other sources for trends and forecasts:


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