Tolle Lege

The Tolle Lege Reception, recognizing works published by Merrimack community members in 2010, will be held on Tuesday February 15 at 3:30pm. Don’t miss this popular annual event, located this year in the Augustinian Studies Collection area on the 3rd floor of the library.
This year’s speakers include:
* Dr. Joseph Kelley for his book, Saint Augustine of Hippo: Selections from Confessions and Other Essential Writings — Annotated & Explained

* Dr. David Toth for his article, “Improving the Productivity of Volunteer Computing by Using the Most Effective Task Retrieval Policies,” in the Journal of Grid Computing

* Drs. Jane Parent, Kathryn Nielsen-Dube, Patricia Sendall, and Kathleen Shine Cain, for their article, “Writing Across the Business Curriculum: An Exploration of Writing Intensive Courses and Writing Fellows Programs,” in the Journal of the Academy of Business Education Conference Proceedings

2010 Bibliography | 2010 Authors

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