Lara Logan and Journalism

Merrimack Speaker Series: Lara LoganPhoto of Lara Logan
October 28 7:30pm, Rogers Center for the Arts

Lara Logan is an award winning news correspondent for CBS 60 Minutes, 60 Minutes Sports, and CBS News Person to Person.

Round out her talk with a recent book on journalism, from WikiLeaks to Muckrakers, from Bad News to SuperMedia, from Shooting the Messenger to Can Journalism Be Saved? Check out these books and more on display at McQuade Library.

book cover: Dispatches from the Edge by Anderson Cooper book cover: The evolution of american investigative journalism by James L. Aucoinbook cover: From Pigeons to News Portals, foreign reporting and the challenge of new technology book cover: Journalism by Joe Sacco book cover Center Stage, Media and the Performance of American Politics book cover: the Death and Life of American Journalism



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