Bio to Business

Examples from the Corporate Community

What does it take to turn scientific innovation into a thriving company?  Merrimack’s Center for Biotechnology and Medical Sciences (CBBS) is bringing three scientific leaders to Merrimack this fall to tell you how they have done it, beginning with Dr.
Li, President
 CEO of 
Nexcelom Bioscience,
 on September 19 at 3:00 PM in Stevens Auditorium in Cushing Hall.  Biology students, team up with a business student.  Maybe one day you will be forming a business together!

Want to learn more?  Check out the books on display at the Library entrance, or search the catalog to find ebooks and print books.

Book cover: Biology Is Technology book cover: Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering book cover: Biomedical Engineering Entrepreneurship book cover: Biotechnology Entrepreneurship journal cover: Cellbook cover: Best Practices in Biotechnology Business Development book cover: book cover: the manga guide to biochemistry 9781611453522





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