Picnik: Facebook, Firefox and More

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post called Picnik: Easy Photo Editing Online about the online photoediting site Picnik. But I have to write about it again because I keep discovering new features every time I use it.

The big news of the past week was adding Facebook support — which brought over 100,000 new Picnik accounts in just a matter of a few days. This should be great for all those libraries who use Facebook to communicate with students and others.

But the new feature that I love is Picnik’s easy, simple Flickr search interface, which makes it very easy to search for photographs with Creative Commons licenses to use your library websites, which can be easily edited if necessary and saved to your PC.

My other new Picnik discovery is the Picnik Firefox Extension. When you’re on a Flickr photo page, this extension adds an Edit in Picnik button to the row of icons along the top of the photo. Clicking on this opens the largest-size version of the image in Picnik, ready to be edited, saved, etc.

It also adds an Edit Image in Picnik option to the right-click menu which you can use to bring any image on any webpage into Picnik for editing. Of course, this may make things a little too easy — people definitely need to be careful about permissions and licenses.

This Firefox extension also adds a Send Page to Picnik feature which is great for capturing screenshots of webpages which can be easily edited in Picnik.


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